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5 Times wrestlers went off-script for the greater good

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The People's champ has gone off-script on numerous occasions for the fans
The People's champ has abandoned scripts on numerous occasions for the fans

What qualities are required for being labelled as a good live performance? The quality of performance, moments that captivate you, stories you can relate to, a basic blueprint or a bit of spontaneity that adds to the natural quotient? Maybe all of them, isn't it so?

For any Marvel movies fan out there, I feel that Spontaneity is an infinity stone in the realm of live entertainment shows and what better example of a complete live performance package than WWE? Sure, there have been arguments about the coefficient "Professional Wrestling" attached to this industry. WWE has wisely preferred the term "Sports Entertainment". That's what it truly is.

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The wrestling industry has always been about the script but in the recent times, every single promotion has taken it to a whole new level. That's the need of the hour. If you've watched Lucha Underground, you know that it is a great example.

It's all about telling a story. Hence, good stories are required and this need calls for various promotions to hire creative writers to jot down a sound script. Performers are strictly instructed to follow the script but it does not happen always, does it?

There have been numerous instances of performers going off-script and improvising on the spot when they feel the need to do so. Sometimes it works for the betterment of the story and sometimes it backfires but one can't rule out the significance of being spontaneous at times. CM Punk's courageous off-script saga changed the course of this industry and Mike Foley picking up The Rock's glasses produced a light-hearted and memorable segment.

Let us take a look at five instances where wrestlers put the off-script in cold box for the greater good.

#1 Daniel Bryan's genuine reactions towards his hometown fans

The WWE Championship ceremony segment took place on RAW in December 2013 which turned out to be a classic moment of unadulterated performer-audience connection. Every single active performer in that roster to hold either the WWE Championship title or the World Heavyweight title was present in the ring. It was a segment to promote an upcoming match featuring John Cena and Randy Orton but the Seattle crowd had different plans. The fine people of Seattle weren't interested at all, both in the match and in HHH's promo.

The crowd started chanting for the hometown hero and chants of "Daniel Bryan" and "YES" echoed so loud and for so long that HHH had to eventually stop talking. Shawn Michaels tried to control the electricity but the crowd didn't stop, much to the delight of Daniel Bryan.

The script required the performers to act seriously considering the fact that it was a big moment. However, Daniel responded very genuinely with a smile and laughter throughout the segment. This humble gesture entwined with the passionate chants made the future storylines much better.

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