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5 times WWE mentioned their competition on live TV

Thomas Lowson
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:14 IST

WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, but that doesn't mean it's the only game in town.

Over the years there have been countless other promotions, and though few have been able to take on the Sports Entertainment juggernaut, there have been some that have dared to face off against the chairman of the board, Vince McMahon.

Some promotions, for a multitude of reasons, have even found themselves being addressed on WWE TV by commentary, Superstars, or even authority figures.

Even recently, the company addressed the new promotion All Elite Wrestling, which hosted their much-beloved pay per view Double or Nothing last Saturday.

Here are five times the WWE directly mentioned their competition on live TV.

#5 E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub!

Sandman, Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer were just some of the ECW stars who took RAW by storm.
Sandman, Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer were just some of the ECW stars who took RAW by storm.

Though the Monday Night War was dominated by the battle between WCW and the World Wrestling Federation, there was a third player in the mix.

In 1997, Extreme Championship Wrestling, the company spearheaded by Paul Heyman were doing well for themselves, despite not having the bank balance of the two much bigger promotions.

ECW did so well in fact, that a deal was made between the extreme group and the WWF, as ECW 'invaded' Monday Night RAW during the year.


Invited by McMahon to compete in sanctioned matches, over a dozen stars from ECW showed up, including future stars in WWE such as Sabu, Rob Van Dam and the innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer.

Giving WWF fans a glimpse at a different style of wrestling, the show presumably led to many people tuning in to watch RAW, showing there was a method to McMahon's madness.

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Published 28 May 2019, 17:00 IST
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