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5 times smaller WWE PPVs have exceeded expectations

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When everyone is at their best, it’s amazing how great a PPV can be

If a PPV isn’t one of the big 4, with exception given to Money in the Bank, then many fans can be a little sceptical about what kind of a show that the WWE plans to put on for them.

That being said, many fans have gone into PPVs expecting some of them to be utter garbage, but are shocked by what they see. Sometimes performers go out there and make the most of a bad situation and win everybody over.

This was especially prevalent during the first brand split, as many Smackdown superstars felt as though they were being treated as the B-show and that was also an invitation to work their hardest.

Here we look at 5 PPV’s that exceeded fans expectations.

#5 Vengence 2002

Vengence 2002

Many fans went into this Pay Per View with low expectations. Steve Austin had just left the company, and a lot of people were unimpressed with King of the Ring the month prior.

The show as a whole ended up being a pretty decent outing for the most part. The main event was a low-end Match of the Year Candidate having The Undertaker defend the Undisputed Championship against Kurt Angle and The Rock in a triple threat match.

The action was very fast-paced with all three men at the top of their game, and had numerous false finishes that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.

The show also featured the beginning of the face turn of Booker T. His brawl with Big Show was unexpectedly awesome, ending with a rare Harlem Hangover sighting in WWE.

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