5 Times WWE Superstars and UFC fighters called each other out

Daniel Cormier has had his issues with both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns
Daniel Cormier has had his issues with both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns
Soumik Datta

There is a long history between WWE and UFC. Over the years, the two global promotions have shared common ground with one another in several instances.

In most cases, UFC fighters tend to jump ship to the world of professional wrestling by joining WWE. But there have been a few rare cases when a WWE Superstar decides to go the other way and make a transition to the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

The likes of Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, Cain Velasquez, and Matt Riddle have all competed inside the octagon before either making their debut or return to WWE. Whereas, the biggest example of a WWE Superstar moving to the UFC is when CM Punk departed from WWE and made the jump to join Dana White's organization, with no professional Mixed Martial Arts experience in his resume.

This back-and-forth between UFC fighters and WWE Superstars has somewhat unintentionally led to multiple heated exchanges between athletes of the two different promotions.

For years, several WWE Superstars have called out UFC fighters and occasionally, fighters from the Ultimate Fighting Championship have also put WWE Superstars on notice, as well.

With that being said, here are five instances when WWE Superstars and UFC fighters have called each other out.

#5. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T labels Daniel Cormier as "unprofessional"

Booker T
Booker T

During an edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T expressed his frustrations toward Daniel Cormier. The former WWE world champion called out DC for using the power of social media to pit himself in a match against Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

“I challenge Daniel Cormier since he’s talking now to get in the gym and work out with me, and he couldn’t hang 2 seconds. He couldn’t match me in the pound for pound in any form of the gym other than probably MMA."

Booker would further go on to label DC as "unprofessional" and challenge him, stating that the former UFC double champion couldn't hang with him for 2 seconds. The WWE Hall of Famer would further claim that Cormier wasn't capable of matching him in any form of pound-for-pound rating.

#4. Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre warns Colby Covington

Drew McIntyre wasn't playing around with Colby Covington
Drew McIntyre wasn't playing around with Colby Covington

It wasn't too long ago when former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre warned UFC welterweight Colby Covington. In an interview, Covington claimed that he was going to "make wrestling great again" which caught the attention of The Scotsman.

The former WWE Champion responded to Covington's statement by warning him and reminding The King of Chaos about his UFC 245 loss to Kamaru Usman.


McIntyre even added that he was going to break Covington's jaw the same way Usman did and added that the former interim UFC welterweight champion wouldn't get a shot at the WWE Championship, as it is only reserved for WWE Superstars.

"I'll smash his head in. I'll shut him up. I'll break his jaw like [Kamaru] Usman did, and then more people watch WWE. So, Colby, I'll fight you. No title shot, though. That's reserved for the WWE Superstars."


Covington has claimed that he will be transitioning to WWE by 2021. But the looks of things The King of Chaos is focused on his UFC career and is likely to challenge Usman next for the welterweight strap.

#3. Brock Lesnar almost fought Daniel Cormier while he was still with WWE

Brock Lesnar confronting Daniel Cormier inside the octagon
Brock Lesnar confronting Daniel Cormier inside the octagon

After making his return to WWE a few years ago, Brock Lesnar was permitted to compete in the UFC while under contract with WWE. In 2016, The Beast Incarnate fought Mark Hunt in his return fight to the UFC and despite winning the bout, the fight result was eventually overturned to a draw.

Two years later at UFC 226, Lesnar stormed the octagon after Daniel Cormier's UFC heavyweight title win over Stipe Miocic. The former WWE Universal Champion was initially provoked by DC but then got into the latter's face and even shoved him inside the octagon.


Lesnar and Cormier almost came to blows inside the octagon before being separated by security, as talks of Lesnar returning to the UFC flooded the internet. A fight between the two men seemed inevitable but, unfortunately, Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Cormier never occurred and the latter went on to complete his trilogy with Miocic.

In recent months, Cormier has engaged himself in a feud against reigning WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The two men have also called each other out on multiple occasions.

#2. Drew McIntyre also put Conor McGregor on notice for his comments towards WWE

Conor McGregor was put on notice by former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre for challenging Vince McMahon
Conor McGregor was put on notice by former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre for challenging Vince McMahon

A few months ago, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre tried to lure Conor McGregor into the pro wrestling industry after the latter had announced his retirement from Mixed Martial Arts yet again.

Taking to Instagram, McGregor posted a story about him potentially challenging WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in what the Irishman labeled a "CEO Flashmatch".

Here is the message sent by Drew McIntyre to Conor McGregor on Twitter:

In response to the proposition made by The Notorious One, former WWE Champion McIntyre took to social media to remind McGregor of the infamous incident of him hitting an elderly man in a pub.

McIntyre further wrote that the Irishman wouldn't stand a chance against Vince McMahon and told the former UFC double champion to stick to his whiskey business. The WWE star took one final shot at McGregor by labeling him "McTapper" for Conor's submission losses to Nate Diaz and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

#1. Former WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar's stern warning to Conor McGregor

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar

Multiple-time WWE world champion Brock Lesnar and UFC superstar Conor McGregor have found a massive amount of success in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Both Lesnar and McGregor have established their place as household names in the MMA world, but it wasn't too long ago that the former UFC heavyweight champion put the Irishman on notice.


In an interview with Sam Roberts, Lesnar went off on McGregor. The former WWE Champion started by saying that he takes bigger "sh*ts" than the Irishman, whom he referred to as a "kid".

"I take sh*ts bigger than that kid. Come on. I know you kids all play f****g video games and you live in this f*****g false sense of reality and sh*t. I'm two hundred and f*****g ninety pounds."

Lesnar further continued his rant towards McGregor, stating that the latter was 145-pounds and dared The Notorious One to come face-to-face with him. The former WWE Universal Champion concluded his statement by boasting that he had already found success in the UFC.

"This guy's a hundred and forty-five pounds, if he's lucky. If Conor McGregor wants to say some sh*t to me, and get his name out there more than he already has, by dropping my name, I got about ten f*****g words for him. Come here, face-to-face, Conor, and say it to my face. Otherwise leave me and the f*****g WWE out of it, because I came to your arena and kicked a**." Said Lesnar.

Lesnar expressed his frustrations mostly due to the fact that McGregor initially spoke ill about WWE and the superstars of the company a few years ago.

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