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5 times WWE Superstars were in movies or TV shows that you forgot about

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Do you remember former champion Edge is this motion picture?

WWE Superstars, if you really think about it, are actors. We shutter at the idea of the entirety of the industry being called "fake", so let's utilize the term "pre-determined performance art". Much like television or feature films, WWE Superstars are required to write, remember, and learn their lines. Add in performing in front of a live televised audience and one could argue pro wrestlers may be the best form of actors and actresses we've ever put forth as a human race.

So naturally, WWE Superstars are well positioned to act on television and on the big screen. We're just waiting for the Academy to recognize this come Oscars time!

You already know Hulk Hogan's best films. And who can forget Andre the Giant in the classic "The Princess Bride?" What we want to do is look back at some of the lesser known acting cameos by WWE Superstars.

Here are five times WWE Superstars played a part outside of the ring.

#5 Vader in Boy Meets World

Vader had a recurring role on Boy Meets World in throughout the 1990's.

90's children will remember the after-school classic that was Boy Meets World. A "coming of age" program that chronicled the life of the affable duo of Corey Matthews and Shawn Hunter. But did you know Big Bad Vader had a recurring role on the program?

Vader, real-life Leon Allen White, played schoolhouse sensitive bully Frankie Stechino's father on the program in a recurring role. In fact, the producers did not hide Vader's wrestling persona, as White played himself on the program, and had a number of matches, including one against Corey and Eric Matthews themselves.

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