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5 Times WWE wasted Superstars with great potential

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Failed gimmick

There may never be a dearth in the talent the WWE possesses. But there will, most probably, always be a shortcoming with how a talent is handled creatively. As far as one can remember, there have been superstars who surely had a lot of potential but it remained untapped until they either took on the role of a jobber or were mired by controversy or were eventually released.

We look back at some of the individuals in the past few years who may have gone through this fat e- marketable superstars who just declined on the way- courtesy the way WWE handled them.

Here we go:

  1. Muhammad Hassan
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Hassan’s wrestling career never really recovered after the controversy

Circumstances turned to controversies and then there were none! WWE’s use of populist characters continued with young Hassan making his debut as the self-righteous Arab American.

The foreign heel thrived again as he quickly gained notoriety but then the London Bombings happened and it all went downhill from there. The way his gimmick and storylines were written came under scrutiny but it was the man who played the character that really suffered from all the media attention which unfortunately, was of the negative kind.

Hassan was supposedly set to beat Orton’s record to become the Youngest World Heavyweight Champion but that was never to be. The character was written off, he was sent to developmental only to be released later on.

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