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5 unique traits that set Brock Lesnar apart from any other wrestler in WWE

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The Alpha male

There are two types of wrestlers in WWE- Brock Lesnar and all the others. Why is it so? Because he is Brock Lesnar! It is as simple as that. Don't think I am highly exaggerating things here. He is truly a one of a kind, once in a lifetime wrestler, and that indeed is the fact that we have been witnessed over the years. 

To someone watching WWE for a long time, this wrestler is no common wrestler. Is that a paradox? Not really. Brock Lesnar is portrayed as an entity that is larger than life. He is a force that can conquer the dead, the alive, the big, the small, the invincible and anything under the sun.

We have seen many great wrestlers like The Rock, Triple H, Stone Cold, Hogan, The Undertaker and John Cena, but none of them was portrayed this way. The treatment that WWE is rendering towards Brock Lesnar is something that the company has never and obviously will never render to any other wrestler.

As part of this slideshow, let us have a look at reasons why no other wrestler in WWE will be acclaimed like Brock Lesnar-

#5 No character adjustments

The same insane look

The best thing about Brock is his character gimmick. He will be loved either plays a heel or a face. There is no need to make any character adjustments with time. No matter which storyline he is a part of, the WWE universe longs to see him fight. He can handle a faction like the Wyatts all by himself, main-event WrestleMania and even be suspended indefinitely.

Whatever the scenario is, Brock always had the support of the WWE universe. He may not be a great worker on the microphone but his manager, Paul Heyman compensates all that. 

Now we are comparing him with all other wrestlers, tell me which other wrestlers on the current roster have all the aforementioned attributes. At one point or the other, we hate a particular superstar's gimmick and he becomes a little irrelevant. But you are dealing with Brock Lesnar and boredom is out of question here!

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