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5 Veteran talents WWE needs on its main roster

WWE is filling its roster with veteran talents from all around the world, and this list talks about those that deserve a shot.

One is intimidating and the other is as eccentric as they come; would the WWE get them on board?

WWE is always looking for the next big thing. This is evidenced not only by the roster in NXT, but also by the Superstars currently being booked on Raw and SmackDown. Every time a new face is used in a main event spot, it’s the company’s attempt at writing a new chapter.

But sometimes that new face is not new to wrestling fans. Kevin Owens and AJ Styles had careers long before WWE, and now they’re finally getting their shot at super-stardom. However, they’re not the only veteran talents that deserve a chance to impress.

Drawing from the pro wrestling talent pool is a move that WWE has used multiple times before, and will likely continue doing so. But as it happens, there are several names that need consideration. Fans know this and surely have their favourites.

But the list of those who can make an immediate impact in WWE is rather short. The talent chosen needs to be prepared not only physically, but mentally as well. That means that veteran stars, who have plenty of experience and can handle the stress, are a must.

WWE is rebuilding its image with new faces and established talents. With that being the case, there is always room to improve and do even more. Triple H is surely not finished yet, and the following list is a great place to look for potential veterans to bring in.

#5 Mil Muertes – The New Undertaker?

Mil Muertes has dominated in Lucha Underground, could he do the same in WWE?

Ricky Banderas has been in the business for 19 years. TNA fans will remember him as Judas Mesias, the brother of Abyss, but that shouldn’t be the lasting memory they have of him. After all, that angle wasn’t exactly the greatest that the company had ever booked.

Fans should now know him by the name of Mil Muertes, the character he portrays in Lucha Underground. The masked Mil Muertes is not some odd addition to another promotion’s version of Kane versus The Undertaker. Muertes is a punishing brute of a man, and he destroys everyone that gets in his way.

This is ring psychology at its finest, and it’s exactly what Vince McMahon has always loved about the big man persona. He’s cold, he’s calculating, and more importantly, he’s scary. WWE is in need of some great menacing heels, and that’s what Muertes is. 

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WWE’s top heels AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho have no problem incorporating humour into their characters. Even Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have become the butt of jokes when the situation calls for it. But this is not Mil Muertes.

Muertes is the old school monster, the kind that WWE used to promote. He’s a throwback to Vader, and The Undertaker. There would be no answer for him in the company right now, with the exception of perhaps Rusev, Kane or Braun Strowman.

The door would be wide open for Muertes to make real waves in WWE. The company would surely change his name, but as long as he kept the look and maintained the same character, Muertes would surely get over in a very big way.

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