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5 Reasons Dolph Ziggler's heel turn is good for SmackDown Live

Dolph Ziggler is a good guy no more, and that turn of events is good for him as well as SmackDown Live as a whole.

Dolph Ziggler has turned over a new leaf on Smackdown Live


Dolph Ziggler has finally turned a corner, as his frustration has gotten the best of him. He snapped on both Kalisto and Apollo Crews last week on SmackDown Live and then did the same, this time with a steel chair on this week’s show. 

With Ziggler's heel turn essentially set in stone, opportunities are open for new mid card good guys to step up. Kalisto is a pawn in this situation because WWE appears to finally be ready to give Apollo Crews his chance. Can he capitalise? We'll have to watch, wait, and see. 

These are the reasons why Ziggler's heel turn is going up benefit SmackDown Live, for himself, other wrestlers, and the show as a whole.

#5 Strong storylines without titles involved 


Ziggler’s storyline doesn’t need a title to be interesting

One of the many things that RAW lacks right now is a decent feud that doesn't involve a title. They have issues with the title feuds too, but with nothing in place to fight for, there is just a blank space where a lot of guys do stupid things for stupid reasons.

SmackDown Live is a shorter show, but they have been able to make time for a number of stories that don't involve titles. Natalya vs. Nikki Bella is a great example of that. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kalisto and Apollo Crews will be another.

The titles are all well and accounted for, but there is plenty of talent available to fill in other roles. With Ziggler taking on his new heel persona, it opens the door to let many others in. It starts with the story of his frustration leading to Crews defending his friend and can lead to more opportunities for other young wrestlers to get in the ring with the veteran Ziggler.

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