5 Ways in which the Shield can seek revenge on Raw

Will the Shield stand tall this week on Raw?
Will the Shield stand tall this week on Raw?

The last week on Raw was a nightmare for the Shield. Not only were they arrested at the beginning of the night but were brutalized by the entire roster as the night ended. Each member of the faction was beaten down to the inch of their lives as the locker room stood united against them.

However, the “Hounds of Justice” are known to seek justice at any cost. Hence, they will leave no stone unturned to settle the score next week on Raw. Each one of them will have to be on his best game to fight against the dozens of Superstars.

Although a group, each member of this faction brings something special to the table. Seth Rollins has the brains to architect their attack, Roman Reigns is the powerhouse, and Dean Ambrose brings the madness to raise hell. This puts this faction far ahead of any other faction in the history of this business.

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Here are the five ways in which they can take revenge for what happened last week.

#1 Attack Baron Corbin

This happening is one of the most probables.
This happening is one of the most probable ones.

The Shield can kick off things next week by attacking the man who was responsible to orchestrate their downfall. The acting General Manager of Raw, Baron Corbin, was instrumental in getting them arrested as well as pitting the entire roster against them, both at the beginning and at the end of the night.

In the absence of Kurt Angle, things are certain to go from bad to worse for the Shield, unless they decide to take the matters into their own hands. The trio have defied The Authority in the past and you wouldn't want to bet on them not doing it again.

#2 Take out Superstars, one by one

The Shield have been the master of the backstage attacks.
The Shield
been the master of the backstage attacks.

This isn’t the first time when the Shield is outnumbered as numerous Superstars on the roster have come together against them. During their feud with Evolution a couple of years ago, Triple H rallied the entire roster to confront and decimate them.

The following week at that time, they systematically destroyed their opponents one by one. Not only they executed a 3-on-1 attack on all their opponents, but also made sure that no one dared to cross their paths again.


It is likely that the WWE Universe might be treated to witness a similar counter-attack. This will be a good move by the “Hounds of Justice” to neutralize the numbers game.

#3 Join forces with Finn Balor and The Revival

Can the two factions fight side by side?
Can the two factions fight side by side?

The Shield was not the only one who suffered last week at the hands of Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Braun Strowman. Finn Balor and the Revival too faced the heat from these four men.

The newly crowned tag team champions robbed the championship opportunity from the Revival last week as they brutally attacked them. The “Demon King” was also forced to face the “Monster Among Men” at the last minute instead of the acting General Manager of Raw, and was attacked by the tag champions at the end.


Hence, the Shield might join their forces with the Balor and the Revival as they all go to war against the entire roster.

#4 Weapons in play

Dean Ambrose certainly doesn't hesitate to swing a chair.
Dean Ambrose certainly doesn't hesitate to swing a chair.

Despite the strategy which the Shield will come up to neutralize the many-on-three attack, it will be a different ball game altogether if the entire roster laces up their boots simultaneously.

Last week, it was evident that the Superstars didn’t hesitate to use steel steps or throwing them off the stage. This week, we might see the Shield returning the favor.


Steel chairs, sledgehammers, steel pipes, and tables could be their best friends as they decide to hurl down their opponents. Given the amount of brutality that took place last week, it is safe to say the same will be outdone as the three former World Champions seek revenge.

#5 Attack Triple H, Get back Kurt Angle

Could this happen?
Could this happen?

Triple H is advertised to be on Raw this week as the aftermath of what transpired between Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker last week. However, he can be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The animosity between the Chief Operating Officer and the “Hounds of Justice” is no secret. Further, the faction is famous for doing the things their way. Hence, an attack on the “Game” would be a perfect plan to articulate that Baron Corbin is incapable of running Raw without Kurt Angle.


Not only will this send a strong message to the locker room, but will also force Stephanie McMahon to reconsider her decision of sending the full-time General Manager on vacation.

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