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5 big similarities between UFC and WWE

Two peas in a pod.

Top 5 / Top 10 02 May 2018, 21:52 IST

MMA and pro wrestling are joined at the hip
MMA and pro wrestling are joined at the hip

Some people reading this may be big fans of professional wrestling, whereas others may lean towards mixed martial arts. Whichever way you find yourself favouring, there's no doubt that the two industries have been aligned with one another for years now. Some fans don't like to admit that, but when you examine the evidence, the connections are there for all to see.

In many ways that's not a good or a bad thing - it's just a fact. There are certain alterations that can be made to both which would probably lead to a greater level of fan interest, but aside from promoting one another from time to time, they try not to interact in order to keep their hardcore supporters from voicing their outrage every two minutes.

We live in an age now where comparisons are always going to be made regardless of whether or not we want them, and as a result, we're left to examine five ways in which WWE and UFC are in fact similar.

#1 Booking

What's best for business?
What's best for business?

This may sound odd, but the concept of 'booking' is quite broad, and as such, can be taken in many different ways. When it comes to the leading promotions in pro wrestling and MMA, however, they're quite similar. Both of them aim to book the best possible matches, featuring the best superstars and the best fighters. They look at what the fans want to see, then they examine what's happening on screen, and they make the necessary adjustments.

Take Conor McGregor and Daniel Bryan as two prime examples. Both of them gained a great deal of momentum and popularity in a short period of time, UFC and WWE fed them certain opponents, that they knew would get them over, and they then both had their crowning moments - at UFC 194 and WrestleMania 30. The progression is the same, and while the results are more unpredictable in MMA, they go into it with the same kind of ideology.

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