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5 ways the WWE can make the Mae Young Classic tournament interesting

Marc Madison
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5.81K   //    06 Jun 2017, 09:38 IST

#4 Tournament winner could receive a championship opportunity at the end of the tournament

Would a championship match immediately after the tournament be a consideration?

The tournament will be filmed over the course of two days at Full Sail University in Florida where NXT is recorded. It will be a raucous crowd, to say the least. A tournament that has some interesting twists and turns is one that fans would be excited about, especially if they are unannounced.

The key to any story being told during a tournament is the talent’s ability to overcome injury and exhaustion, and beating the odds to reach the top.

An interesting twist WWE could employ here is declaring at the outset that the winner of the tournament will face the women's champion of their choice immediately after their finals match.

Maybe there will be about 10 minutes for the winner to recover, but for all intents and purposes, it would be right away. All three women's champions would sit at the top of the rampway with their titles, waiting for the winner to state who they want to face.