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5 Ways to book Finn Balor on WWE Raw

Sudhir Bose
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66.26K   //    25 Jul 2016, 22:46 IST
Ace up their sleeve 

It wouldn’t be a long shot in calling tomorrow’s Raw the most anticipated episode of the year, even more than the one after WrestleMania 32. The brand split worked its magic on what was expected to be a pedestrian PPV in Battleground. 

The WWE had us affixed on one hand while they pulled the hood over our eyes with the other – Bayley showered the Washington crowd in fairy dust before disappearing into the night(she claims), Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn painted the equivalent of a Renaissance masterpiece and who could forget Dean Ambrose – the man who dolloped blood for screaming throngs to get to his palace in the promised land.

But the unforeseen landslide of pleasure will hopefully give way to an avalanche on Raw, with Finn Balor bringing his much-needed and overdue aura to the flagship show. So where will he fit in the master plan? Perhaps one of these?

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