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5 Ways to book Roman Reigns after Money in the Bank

Riju Dasgupta
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Could Dean Ambrose return to take on The Big Dog?
Could Dean Ambrose return to take on The Big Dog?

It was an ugly sight at Money in the Bank. While the Chicago crowd was hot for most of the matches in the card, they turned viciously on Reigns vs. Mahal. The match in itself wasn't all that bad, really. The crowd did not give the two men a chance to even tell a story.

Where does Roman Reigns even go from here? Everything he does just seems to incite the wrath of the WWE Universe. For no fault of his own, he faces the brunt of fans everywhere he wrestles.

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In this article, I will suggest a few routes that Reigns can traverse in the coming weeks. While they're not guaranteed to get him over, nothing is getting him over.

For my money, I think a few of these feuds could be quite interesting indeed!

Honorary Mention: Heel turn

Can we see The Big Dog tap into his dark side?
Can we see The Big Dog tap into his dark side?

Roman Reigns has not been embraced by the WWE Universe since he first got his push. Fans have wanted him to go heel for the longest time. Somehow, WWE management sees him in a very different light and has refused to pull the trigger with Reigns' big heel turn. But in light of recent events, could WWE take the plunge?

After all, people supposedly walked away from the arena during the Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reigns match at Backlash. At Money in the Bank, Mahal and Reigns tried their best, but the crowd turned on them from the very start. A heel turn may be the logical course of action going forward.

It also allows for the possibility of a heel Roman Reigns contesting against a babyface Braun Strowman, recreating their iconic feud with new dynamics. So many superstars like Finn Balor and Bobby Roode could benefit from working with heel Roman Reigns. Sadly, I don't see the turn happening anytime soon.

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