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5 Ways to Book The Undertaker's WWE Return

Riju Dasgupta
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The Dead Man is awake again to dominate and conquer
The Dead Man is awake again to dominate and conquer

Few superstars can boast a career that spans as many generations as The Undertaker. From Yokozuna, to Kurt Angle, to Brock Lesnar to Rusev, his list of opponents is truly exemplary.

The fact that he performs at the highest level to this day is a testament to just how much he respects the sports entertainment business. And he's far from done!

We saw him return at WrestleMania 34, where he made short work of a certain Mr. John Cena. He would wrestle again at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Rusev and Aiden English did not stand a chance, really.

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And now that the ratings are reaching an all-time low, WWE may want The Undertaker to return and establish his dominance one more time. It's only a matter of time before we hear the distinctive gong that we know so well.

Here are five ways that The Undertaker could make a big comeback...

#5 Brothers of Destruction to face The Bludgeon Brothers?

Could we see the ultimate face off?
Could we see the ultimate face off?

If this match does happen, I'm guessing it will take place at WrestleMania 35. At present, Kane is busy with his political career.

Depending on how far he wants to go and how successful he is, Kane may only have time for a cameo at WrestleMania 35. And The Bludgeon Brothers would make the perfect opponents.

The two men have been portrayed as absolutely indestructible since they were both repackaged. At the expense of the rest of the SmackDown Live Tag Team Division, these Tag Team Champions could remain undefeated until WrestleMania. Whereupon they face off against the most dominant tag team in WWE history.

While both legendary performers- The Undertaker and Kane can still go at the highest level, a tag team match will essentially have both men taking half the number of bumps. It would also be great to see the men reunited one more time!

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