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5 ways to book Woken Matt Hardy’s retirement

Will Woken Matt be deleted?

Top 5 / Top 10 12 Feb 2018, 21:39 IST


He may be wonderful and he may be fantastic at deleting things, but at the age of 43, there’s no denying that Woken Matt Hardy is moving into the latter stages of his career. After over two decades of bumps and injuries, one has to question just how long Matt has left as a full-time in-ring competitor.

The current incarnation of his iconic Woken persona is finally starting to gain some traction, and because of that, we’re hoping that he has many more years left to come in this business. However, it’s no secret that Father Time is undefeated, and Matt’s in-ring work has already taken a noticeable hit in recent times.

Thankfully there are plenty of directions to go in when it comes to him eventually hanging up his boots, and we’ve decided to run down some of the best possible options.

With that being said, here are five ways to book Woken Matt Hardy’s retirement.

#5 Brother vs Brother

Who would come out on top?
Who would come out on top?

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy have battled one another on many separate occasions throughout their careers, but in the present day, it would be even more special. The two men have gone through a lot over the years, from personal demons to in-ring storylines, and that could all come to the forefront if they were to have one final match against one another.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be at Mania, but either way, it’d be great if Matt was able to go out on his shield against his baby brother. We’d probably want Jeff to carry on for a few more years in order to really capitalize on some of the potential dream matches, whereas Matt can end his legendary career on a positive note.

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