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5 ways to debut the Bludgeon Brothers

Riju Dasgupta
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We suggest five ways through which Harper and Rowan could steal the show!
We suggest five ways through which Harper and Rowan could steal the show!

Even the perfect combination of a great look and incredible in-ring skills does not necessarily make a WWE superstar. Just ask Emma!

One of the essential ingredients in getting an act 'over' is a good long-term booking from WWE Creative. For weeks we've been treated to vignettes of a diabolical duo known as the Bludgeon Brothers. So far so good, right?

All of the efforts will be in vain, if the vignettes do not translate into a compelling debut and a strong in-ring program, thereafter. This will be especially unfair for a superstar of the calibre of the amazing Luke Harper, who's been criminally underutilized thus far.

We have five suggestions for WWE. 5 ways to debut this throwback tag team into the main roster. Five ways they can capture the attention of the WWE Universe immediately. Five ways that are worthy of their incredible talent and skill.

#5 Members of the SmackDown Live Survivor Series team

Will they make their debut, representing Team Blue?
Will the brothers make their debut, representing Team Blue?

The war between RAW and SmackDown Live is heating up, as we head towards Survivor Series. Last week, we saw the superstars of SmackDown Live invade RAW, and leave the superstars in the back broken and battered.

One of the highlights of Survivor Series will be the RAW vs. SmackDown Live traditional Survivor Series elimination match, that has come to characterize this marquee event. Randy Orton has already been selected for the team, and the second and third places are set to be determined, in a few days.

Maybe the two remaining spots can be filled by the brutish Bludgeon Brothers. Even if they were to get eliminated at the big match, it would be an absolutely amazing way to relaunch the two men into the fold.

The Bludgeon Brothers would seem like a threat from the word go and would be taken seriously thereafter.

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