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5 Ways to Rebuild Bray Wyatt After Matt Hardy's Injury 

Riju Dasgupta
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23.09K   //    27 Aug 2018, 09:46 IST

Can we see Bray Wyatt return to main event status?
Can we see Bray Wyatt return to main event status?

It is impossible to dispute the fact that Bray Wyatt is one of the most interesting characters to have emerged in the recent era. I had a chance to connect with Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and he mentioned how Wyatt was his absolute favourite character. And yet, he was nowhere to be seen on RAW, this past week. Wyatt has had a streak of really terrible luck.

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His feud against Finn Balor did not really pan out like it should have. And now, it seems like Wyatt's tag team partner, 'Woken' Matt Hardy is down with a serious injury. This leaves me to wonder what's next for the devious 'Eater of Worlds'.

I've thought of a bunch of possibilities in this particular article. Let me know if you think any of these scenarios will play out.

I think we can all agree that Wyatt deserves much better than his current state.

#5 Repackaged into a new character

Maybe it's finally time for a reboot of the Wyatt character
Maybe it's finally time for a reboot of the Wyatt character

Hey, the Bray Wyatt character is still quite over with me. However, in the minds of many a fan there comes a point where they believe that a gimmick may have run its course. We have so many WWE fans writing how they are bored of The New Day, in our comments section, regularly.

Maybe it's time for the incredibly creative Bray Wyatt to reinvent himself again and transform into a brand new character, once more. Even The Undertaker dropped his dark and mysterious persona to become a biker, once upon a time. Wyatt could even revisit the Husky Harris character that he was once known as.

It would allow Wyatt to have a fresh start and establish himself as a dominant force again. Maybe even think of a fresh move set too!

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