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5 Ways to reintroduce Jason Jordan into the roster

Riju Dasgupta
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Could Jordan play a big role in the Backlash proceedings?
Could Jordan play a big role in the Backlash proceedings?

The WWE Universe was shocked when Jason Jordan was revealed as Kurt Angle's illegitimate child. The company attempted to tell his story, that of a spoiled brat that wanted special privileges, and then an unfortunate injury happened which forced Jordan to sit out WrestleMania. Like him or hate him, it is impossible to deny that this was a pretty unfortunate development.

Rumours have emerged that Jordan could return as early as next week. How will WWE bring him back from injury, you ask? Well, look no further than this article, folks.

While we cannot predict how Jordan will return, we shall attempt to wager a few guesses. Here are 5 possibilities for the very same.

Let us know in the comments how you think Jordan could possibly return!

#5 Taking out Roman Reigns during his Backlash match

Could Jordan take out Reigns during his big match?
Could Jordan take out Reigns during his big match?

There is literally no reason for Reigns and Joe to be facing each other at Backlash this weekend. Following the contest, the two men will be on separate brands. Could the entire point of this match have been to facilitate Jason Jordan's imminent WWE return? Bear with us as we tell you why that could very well be the case.

Jason Jordan missed WrestleMania 34, the biggest show of the year. His sole focus at this moment will be getting into his father's good books once again, by taking out the biggest player in WWE. And who is bigger than The Big Dog, when it comes to hierarchy?

Reigns vs. Jordan will be a huge step up for Kurt Angle's kayfabe son. It could be a program to keep Reigns occupied on RAW, while he challenges for the Universal Championship again down the line.

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