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5 things Triple H could mean for Survivor Series 2017

What could Triple H's participation mean for this already epic match?

Top 5 / Top 10 15 Nov 2017, 13:54 IST

He is The Game and he came to play

Triple H is now part of the Men's Survivor Series match as a part of Team Raw which is a pretty epic announcement considering all that could happen in a match like this. There are plenty of possible matchups fans could see and you never know what WWE might tease or test the waters for in order to build toward another huge future contest.

After all, it isn't often that Triple H will dust off his wrestling boots. But now that it seems that The Game is getting into the fighting spirit more often, who knows what the future has in store for this WWE tog dog.

So here are five ways that Triple H's involvement in the Men's Survivor Series match changes things in a big way.

Are you ready?

#1 Kurt Angle WrestleMania match

It's true, it's damn true

Let's face it, Triple H needs to work WrestleMania because he always seems to make it in the picture somehow. Therefore, this match at Survivor Series could be a great way for WWE to see who fans pop loudest for when Triple H is squared off against someone.

But as it turns out, one frontrunner to face Triple H at WrestleMania might be his Team Raw captain, Kurt Angle. After all, Triple H did get in Angle's face to make the announcement concerning his involvement in the match himself.

The Game also took the spot away from a crying Jason Jordan and every father hates to see their son get sad.

Kurt Angle might not turn on Triple H during this match, but it could very well plant the seeds for a future WrestleMania encounter.

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