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5 Ways WWE can end the Lashley, Rusev, & Lana story

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Modified 13 Nov 2019, 03:33 IST

Lana has been humiliating Rusev for weeks.
Lana has been humiliating Rusev for weeks.

Rusev took a break during the summer of 2019 and returned in mid-September, but his wife and manager, Lana, was nowhere to be seen. He had no comment when asked about it, and that's where the trouble started. Just 2 weeks after what seemed like a triumphant return and a jump to the top of the card (he was helping and teaming with Seth Rollins), Bobby Lashley made his return after his own short hiatus and revealed a surprise. He knew where Lana was: with him.

It has been a sordid tale, becoming more and more risque as the weeks have gone by. Lana and Lashley appeared together in Lana & Rusev's bedroom, and the next week, Lana received a very... suggestive... massage from Lashley. Lana's new boyfriend brought her to restaurants that Rusev either couldn't afford or just wouldn't bring her to and then, after all of this, they took an extraordinarily raunchy turn.

Lana accused Rusev of being a "lovemaking" addict, claiming that he never loved her and just wanted to get her pregnant. This week on RAW, Rusev was humiliated and beaten down again. Without getting into great detail, Lana claimed to be pregnant (with Rusev's baby), Lashley beat Rusev up (again), and then Lana immediately revealed that she wasn't pregnant. She used some very non-PG language, too. Bobby Lashley has physically and mentally gotten the better of Rusev every single week. 

There's the rundown. After 6 weeks, it appears that this storyline could be nearing its conclusion.

#5 Lashley beats Rusev in a match and breaks up with Lana

Bobby Lashley & Lana have been together for over a month.
Bobby Lashley & Lana have been together for over a month.

It seems very likely that Rusev and Lashley are on their way to a one-on-one match at Survivor Series. If that happens, it could mark the end of the relationship for the newest couple in WWE. This storyline has gotten a lot of eyes on Bobby Lashley. Whether people love it or hate it, they're paying attention. It is certainly possible that the Superstar has been using Lana and Rusev as a stepping stone for better things.

Since his return in April 2018, Lashley hasn't found his groove. He won the IC Title a pair of times, but he has spent most of his time in weird storylines (not unlike this one) and has yet to do anything impactful. Due to this, he may be frustrated. What's one thing in Sports Entertainment that has always gotten people talking? A love triangle. Lashley surely knows that, so he may be taking advantage of the married couple to garner some attention for himself, so that when he makes a move to try to advance up the totem pole, people have him in their minds. A win over Rusev followed by coldly crushing Lana's heart would certainly do that.

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Published 13 Nov 2019, 03:33 IST
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