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5 ways WWE can introduce the Broken Hardyz gimmick

Riju Dasgupta
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How can WWE capitalize on the most happening gimmick in sports entertainment?
How can WWE capitalise on the coolest gimmick in sports entertainment?

As much as we still love the Hardy Boyz, let's face the facts, they got over during the Attitude Era with some breakneck bumps, sensational athleticism and a unique look that captivated the WWE Universe. While they are still very entertaining, they are no longer the most athletic men on the roster, and in many ways, are just a shadow of their past.

While they are still high on the momentum of their big return at Wrestlemania, the honeymoon period may soon be over and the fans may get disillusioned with them if they are booked as just another tag team on the main roster.

After all, 'The Hardy Men' does not have quite the same ring to it. Remember what happened to the Dudleys?

This problem is easily remedied by the Hardyz adopting their most successful gimmick in recent memory - their 'Broken' personas.

Matt Hardy, Jeremy Borash and the remaining think-tank in Impact Wrestling had created a very successful gimmick that had taken the world by storm and presented the Hardyz in a completely new avatar.

As the crowds long for the gimmick to make its WWE debut, as they chant 'delete' in unison, we present five ways in which WWE could introduce this unconventional gimmick and add a few more years to the Hardyz's reign at the pinnacle of tag team wrestling world.

#5 Not quite 'Broken', but 'Woken'

Will the Hardyz debut their 'Woken' personas this week?
Will the Hardyz debut their 'Woken' personas this week?

It is no secret that The Hardyz have been embroiled in a legal battle with GFW for many months now, for ownership of the 'Broken Universe'. This week, they teased a variation of the 'Broken Hardyz', as they dubbed themselves 'Woken Hardyz'.

The mannerisms are much the same, and the terminology is almost the same, so we wonder how this gimmick will translate on WWE television. Matt Hardy has been very vocal about the same on social media, saying that he does not feel 'Broken' but 'Woken'.

This is the only point in the list that considers The Hardyz not being able to legally use the gimmick and therefore, finding a way around it.

The others imagine a hypothetical future in which they assume creative control over the Broken Universe and are free to introduce the same on WWE television. Let's imagine a few possibilities and see how best the Hardyz can 'break' on WWE television.

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