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5 ways in which WWE can book Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jeff Hardy

Amit Shukla
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Strong Style or High Flying - Who wins this Tuesday?
Strong Style or High Flying - Who wins this Tuesday

Jeff Hardy and Shinsuke Nakamura have been fighting over the last few weeks on SmackDown Live. In an attempt to settle the score, SmackDown Live General Manager has put them in a match on this week's episode of SmackDown Live.

While the match has brilliance written all over it, even WWE would have to be cautious about the manner in which they book the match. If the match goes way too slow, it would kill the anticipation and sheer joy of watching these two great performers in the ring. If it goes one way, it would make the other wrestler look weak. If it involves one wrestler getting beaten up backstage, and in this case, it has to be Jeff Hardy, the sheer brilliance of this match would be lowered. 

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Both wrestlers have amazing moves and finishers in their arsenal which makes it a match that is must-see on Smackdown Live this week. 

With that in mind, here are five ways in which WWE can book the end of this match:

#5 Low Blow

Go Low-Blow
Go Low-Blow

Shinsuke Nakamura has been low-blowing his opponents since WrestleMania this year. He did this with AJ Styles after their match at WrestleMania, which made him heel. 

Ever since that incident, Shinsuke hasn't stopped low-blowing his opponents, and even Jeff Hardy has felt it. The two wrestlers have been in the WWE ring before too, however, their match needs to have some powerful moves, and in an attempt to do just that, Paige has made this match for SmackDown Live.  

In an attempt to get over with this feud and the match, what if during the end moments, Shinsuke Nakamura gives a low blow to Jeff Hardy which isn't seen by the referee as he would be distracted. This would help Nakamura win, and his heel persona will get more character. 

This wouldn't be the most creative decision of all, because he has performed this activity on multiple other wrestlers already and there isn't anything creative or new about this move. Although it seems to be the easiest way to get through with the match, it surely isn't the most popular one, and that is why this option makes it at number five on the list.

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