5 ways WWE can make Kevin Owens the next Stone Cold


#4 Owens should be given the freedom to deliver more pipebombs

Owens and Shane
Owens and Shane

Tonight's pipebomb took Twitter by storm and Owens is now being hailed by fans as someone who could rid them of the likes of Shane McMahon. Owens is a master of the mic and is fully capable of delivering incredible promos on a regular basis.

The problem? He can do it, only if he's allowed to.

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WWE needs to let Owens loose and unleash more of his pipebombs occasionally. The more mic time Owens gets, the more he will connect with the fans. A scathing promo targeting the evil boss is something that will always work in the world of wrestling, and fans would always cheer for it. Hopefully, WWE realizes this fact and this isn't the last time we get to see Owens let it all out on the mic.

Edited by Gabby Duran
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