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5 ways WWE could open Raw this week(1 October 2018) 

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How could WWE set the tone for a great instalment of Raw?

This week on Monday Night Raw WWE looks to make up for previous disappointing instalments of the show that were meant to build up to the Super Show Down event in Australia, and while things did not go to plan, as all episodes of Raw last were terrible, WWE have WWE have one more chance to rectify those errors, as this is the go home show of Raw before the event.

And what better way to ensure a great episode of wrestling than to open the show in thrilling fashion, and fortunately for the creative team, they have many options for a banging opener. 

#1 Lesnar returns to warn his opponents

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Lesnar could remind fans he is still a threat.

Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE at the most unexpected time, when he interrupted Roman Reigns, and Bruan Strowman's match to the dismay of basically every WWE fan, but Lesnar's involvement was not so unexpected after all as WWE had planned to bring back the former Univeral Champion for their Suadi Arabia event this year.

At the event named Crown Jewel, Lesnar will challenge Strowman and Reigns in a triple threat match for the Universal Title, and by Lesnar returning this week to remind fans that he is still in the picture would be WWE's best marketing for the Crown Jewel event.

#2 Women in fresh matches

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The women's tag team division is heating up, but singles matches should be a priority.

The women's division on Raw is a hot mess, as WWE has no idea on how to book their talent and what direction they are going to follow.

With Survivor Series, the Super Show Down event, the upcoming Crown Jewel event, and most importantly the first ever WWE women's pay-per-view Evolution on the horizon, one would think that WWE has a lot of narratives to build and matches to plan, but that's not actually the case, as the women of Raw basically participate in the same matches every week.

This week WWE should give us something different, as they should book fresh matches on the flagship show, and matches such as Ember Moon taking on Bayley in an NXT dream match or Dana Brook trying to prove herself against a powerhouse like Nia Jax would be a welcomed addition.

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