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5 Ways WWE could save the main event of Money in the Bank

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Even though they dubbed it as WrestleMania main-event worthy match, they haven’t paid much attention to it

Reigns vs Rollins is scheduled for Money in the Bank and to be frank the build-up has been lackluster so far. With John Cena’s return and the dream match of Styles vs Cena taking place, WWE has sidelined the build-up for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at the event. It is disheartening to see WWE relax their creative muscles for this feud, which has such a huge potential.

Reigns and Rollins have been the polar opposites of the company for over a year and their rivalry before Rollins got himself injured was something to bank upon. Despite the huge history between the duo, WWE hasn’t tapped into the potential disappointingly. And to think that the title which is the highest prize a wrestler could attain in the company is taking a backseat is rather unsavory.

Given that there is only one week left for the match to take place and Cena vs Styles is more marketable, we can’t expect WWE to put more efforts into this feud in the upcoming week. Hence, here are the five ways in which WWE could turn this fight with lackluster build-up into a talking point of the night.

#5 The Double Count-Out

A brawl between these two would just fire up the audience

Neither Reigns going clean over Rollins nor Rollins going clean over Reigns is going to save this fight. Let’s establish that first.

Rollins has been The Authority’s Golden Boy for over a year and making him lose clean to Reigns in the first match since his return will not help WWE. There is also the fact that he is one of top heels in the business tight now. IF Reigns goes clean over Rollins, it might hurt his legitimacy heading into SummerSlam. WWE could not afford even the slightest chance of that.

On the other hand, Roman is just finding his feet as a champion. His matches with Styles has strengthened his in-ring credibility, but even then he is still far off from standing on his own. His tweener look is taking steam right now and it is essentially not a best time to let him drop the title to Rollins. Though many could argue that Rollins has the necessary credentials to not make Roman look week, we have to consider the fact that Roman is not that liked by WWE fans.

So, how can we easily save it. The Double Count-Out.

The building to this match has been lackluster so far. If booked properly, WWE could make this as another huge rivalry like Zayn vs Owens. In order to do that, WWE has to let these two loose at each other. The audience would surely love Reigns and Rollins going at each other’s throat unmindful of the outcome. This might just take the rivalry to a whole new level.

WWE Creative’s option might be this, if they aren’t considering a clean win for anyone of them. This might also help WWE Creative to setup a huge match at SummerSlam with some big stipulation. 

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