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5 Ways in which WWE might punish Cesaro

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How could WWE punish the Swiss Superman?

Cesaro is a superstar that has been under the scanner since the WWE draft. After getting drafted to Monday Night Raw, Cesaro was seen in a backstage interview segment with Jojo and the Swiss superman went on to have an outburst. The debate on whether it was a shoot or a work was soon kick-started on the internet and Dave Meltzer then came up with the confirmation that it was indeed a shoot.

We then had a similar outburst from Cesaro during the pre-show segment of Battleground where he spoke about his frustrations of not being in the match card. As the initial one was assumed to be a shoot, the second one could well be something similar and if this is indeed the case, then WWE is bound to make life hard for Cesaro. Here are some of the things that they could do with him.

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