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5 Weirdest Tag Teams Matchups in WWE

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Harmony wasn't the foreword for these Tag teams.

Tag Team matchups are generally created based on the compatibility of the wrestlers in consideration. From physical strength to style and charisma, a great tag team requires it's wrestlers to merge well. WWE tag teams such as The Hardy Boyz, The Usos, The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian are testimonies to this theory.

However, sometimes tag teams come along that are so out of the left field that one has to wonder how creative even came up with the idea of putting them together. All through WWE history, there have been some downright odd tag teams that have been surprisingly successful and some that failed miserably. These match-ups include everything from a lower card and upper card teams to a seven-foot monster collaborating with a man half his size.

With Team Hell No back in play for the WWE tag team titles, let us take a look at some of the weirdest alliances that have taken place in the WWE history.

5 Team Hell No

Team Hell No reunited at Smackdown.

Let's start with the current contenders for the tag team championships, Team Hell No. Starting out as a comedic act, this team went on to be a huge success with the audience and winning the titles to boot. This tag team originated when AJ Lee forced Daniel Bryan and Kane to attend anger management class, putting them together as a tag team to work through their issues. This led to some hilarious segments with the two trying to manage their anger and more often than not failing to do so.

WWE must have realized this team's potential because they soon beat R-Truth and Kofi Kingston to become the new tag team champions, each boisterously declaring “I am the tag team champions”

With last Smackdown's announcement of Team Hell No going against The Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules for the titles, we hope to see more of this wacky but undeniably successful and entertaining duo.

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