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5 Weirdest teams that were Tag Team Champions

Thomas Lowson
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Steve Austin and Dude Love as WWF Tag Team Champions.
Steve Austin and Dude Love as WWF Tag Team Champions.

Within the world of WWE, Tag Team wrestling is a unique art. A singles wrestler knows exactly what they're doing, but the role of a tag team Superstar is to not only be capable but be capable of trusting their partner.

For some teams, this trust comes easy. Jimmy and Jey Uso grew up together, trained together, and fought together, so the pair has great trust. For some teams, however, this trust is difficult to establish, with many opponents often ending up on the same side.

Their journeys are often interesting ones, although fraught with many obstacles.

Here are the five weirdest teams that put their distances aside, to become Tag Team Champions.

#1. John Cena and Batista:

Cena and Batista were unwilling partners!
Cena and Batista were unwilling partners!

In the summer of 2008, these two megastars found themselves at odds, with both former champions claiming themselves to be the rightful number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Forced into a team together, the pair defeated Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase to win the World Tag Team Championships but lost the gold one week later back to the 2nd-generation stars.

Clashing at Summerslam, it was the Animal who emerged victorious, injuring Cena with a powerbomb during the match, showing there was no love lost between the former partners.

#2. Charlie Haas and Rico

Rico and Charlie Hass were an unlikely pairing!
Rico and Charlie Hass were an unlikely pairing!

harlie Haas was no stranger to tag team success when he was teamed with the flamboyant and unique Rico.

Already a former Tag Champion with Shelton Benjamin, Haas was scheduled to face Rico in April 2004, quickly losing by count out after being fazed by Rico's mind games.

A mere week later, the opponents were the new Tag Team Champions, with the flamboyant one using his sexuality to get in the head of Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi.

Although the team didn't last too long, the pairing of the excitable Rico and the uncomfortable Haas made for some entertaining viewing on the Blue brand.

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