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Who is the REAL Mr. Wrestlemania?

Daniel Crump
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Who IS Mr. Wrestlemania?
Who IS Mr.Wrestlemania?

It is perhaps no surprise that a Superstar as decorated and celebrated as Shawn Michaels has managed to pick up so many nicknames. Not only is he the Heartbreak Kid, The Show-Stopper, The Icon and the Main Event, but one that has always stuck with him throughout his career is 'Mr. Wrestlemania'.

Of all the monikers attached to HBK, this one is perhaps the most impressive. When it comes to the WWE, Wrestlemania is the show of shows, and to be considered the greatest performer in the history of the event is truly the ultimate honor.

But taking everything into account, can we really say with our heart of hearts that Shawn Michaels IS the ultimate Wrestlemania Superstar? After all, we have seen an army of current and future main eventers grace the Mania landscape over the years and there are undoubtedly people who will challenge Shawn's position at the top of this particular mountain.

Find out who we have chosen as our true Mr. Wrestlemania:

#1 Shawn Michaels

The man himself?
The man himself?

Before we consider some possible alternatives, let's take a look at the man himself. There is most certainly a reason why Michaels has earned the moniker 'Mr. Wrestlemania' over the years. Shawn has competed in a total of 17 Mania matches, picking up six victories along the way.

But it is not so much the number of wins that have welded Shawn's career with the grandest stage of them all, it has a lot more to do with the quality of performances HBK has managed to put in. Dating back to his early days with The Rockers, right up to his final two matches with Undertaker, Shawn has taken us on many a journey, showing his in-ring versatility and, depending on the situation, his ability to be the most beloved babyface or the most villainous heel.

We also have to take into account the number of 'firsts' Michaels has delivered at Wrestlemania. At Mania 10, along with fellow Kliq member Razor Ramon, he amazed the viewing audience by competing in the first ever Wrestlemania ladder match. Two years later he would be the victor in the first ever 60-minute Iron Man match with longtime rival Bret Hart.

And, after four years on the sidelines due to injury, when many of us thought the heyday of Shawn Michaels was well and truly in the past, he actually managed to raise the bar higher than ever with a sublime performance against Chris Jericho at Mania 19.

Taking all of this into account, one can certainly make a convincing case for Shawn Michaels being the true 'Mr. Wrestlemania'.

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