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5 Women from NXT to take forward the WWE women's revolution

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The future is now!
The future is now!

With Evolution just a few days away, fans and the company look to see how this PPV performs and what it means for the future of WWE's Womens division. Regardless of the result though, there's no doubt WWE will hold sequels to its first ever all women's PPV. It is after all the next and most consistent step in the evolution of women in WWE.

With that said, the influx of new talent will bring the growing division onto a whole other level. The addition of a women's UK division and a promise of global growth for NXT makes the possibility of a woman led show even grander. Imagine instead of yearly editions of Evolution, there might just be an Evolution weekly show.

To fill such a show you need talent and as mentioned a lot of it is incoming in the next few years. Yet how much of this talent can stand head and shoulders with the top class of the current division as well as legends of past. The answer to that question is here as we look at five top prospects from developmental to take forward the women's division of the future and continue to build the WWE's women's revolution.

Because if there's any guarantee about Evolution, it's that it is always changing.

Main Roster Prospects

Deville is a force to be reckoned with
Deville is a force to be reckoned with

Since we are looking at just NXT talents, it means that a few women still finding their footing in the main roster won't really count. Even then there are few talents who are first in line to sort of take the mantle forward of the women's division before the next crop of superstars graduate.

At the top of that list is Sonya Deville. If it weren't for the meteoric rise of Buddy Murphy, Deville would definitely be this year's most improved performer. Plucked raw from NXT and planted on RAW, she's proven as an outstanding talent in absolution. That's a mouthful of praise, but no less than Deville deserves considering all things. A lengthy feud with Charlotte Flair would prove sensational and help establish her as one of the women's revolution's key players.

Just as easily as Deville has stunned with her in-ring performances, slowly but surely Mandy Rose is picking up the right attitude to formulate the perfect character. She's the proto-typical WWE female that could launch Vince McMahon's vision for the division while improving enough and become Triple H's mandate for it as well. Rose has got the spunk and she's growing well too.

Joining them is the Riott Squad leader, Ruby Riott. Though her partners are decent, especially the fiery Sarah Logan. It is Riott that has the most upside as an alternative character with stellar skills between the ropes. She's got the Lita and Paige style down to a tee, and has had excellent feuds with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks that have proven she can go far.


After them is the successor to the Bella's model in Peyton Royce; the Nikki to Billie's Brie is decent given the time in the ring and much more of a perfect mean girl heel character. She grates and plays her role expertly, making her just a smidge away from a top prospect on Smackdown.

Finally, among all these women we have Asuka. Not really a rookie prospect who holds promise, rather one neutered by management. If they can recapture the thread to her vicious NXT side, they can once more present Asuka in a promising light to kick the head of a whole division.

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