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5 women that Kacy Catanzaro needs to feud with in NXT

Take a look at the 5 women that may be crucial to Kacy Catanzaro's time in NXT

Top 5 / Top 10 23 Apr 2018, 10:35 IST

Kacy Catanzaro reporting to the WWE Performance Center
Kacy Catanzaro reporting to the WWE Performance Center

This weekend we saw Ninja Warrior alum Kacy Catanzaro make her debut at NXT Standford. She has been training at the Performance Center for several months and has seemed very eager to make her debut. She put on a great performance for her first match and already has people talking about storyline options.

It's safe to say that the WWE is going to capitalize on all of the time and money the American Ninja Warrior put into making Kacy come across as a hero and role model.

So instead of reinventing the wheel, let's look some of NXT's main female competitors that she will be booked against.

Comment below to let us know what wrestler will bring out the most from this new rising star, or if there's a name that isn't on the list that you are excited about.

#1 Kavita Devi

Kavita Devi lifting Dakota Kai above her head
Kavita Devi lifting Dakota Kai above her head

Kavita Devi is the WWE's first female wrestler from India and made her presence known in the Mae Young Classic. A match against Kavita would be great for marketing purposes because it looks so different. The towering Kavita looming over the underdog Kacy would bring back memories of The Great Khali's run.

Kavita's size and experience definitely plays into her favor, and it would help make the fight believable if they want to play it off as two up-and-coming wrestlers trying to do their country proud so that Kavita will wrestle according to the rules even if she could win by fighting dirtier.

Casey would have to carry most of the weight in terms of promos due to the fact that Kavita is still working on her English (something that is become more acceptable as we've seen with Asuka and Shinsuke).

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