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5 worst catchphrases in WWE history

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Austin has some of the greatest catchphrases in WWE.
Austin has some of the greatest catchphrases in WWE.

In the world of the WWE, a catchphrase can often make or break a Superstar.

When you think of epic catchphrases, you look at Superstars like The Rock, whose epic burns have lived on, far past his in-ring career.

Whether it be "the millions AND MILLIONS", or "If you can smell...", the wrestler-turned-actor is regarded as one of the greatest talkers of all time.

You know you've got a winner when a whole brand is named after one of your catchphrases.

But not every catchphrase can be a winner, and here are 5 of the worst catchphrases in WWE history.

#5 "Vintage!"

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You know there's something wrong, when your commentators are forming their own catchphrases.

But when Michael Cole started using "vintage" for every other move, the now infamous word didn't go as well as some classic lines like "slobberknocker" that Jim Ross used.

Instead, vintage quickly gave fans a headache, and made even less sense when he was using the word to describe stars still relatively new to the company.

Whilst the company never made any "vintage t-shirts (yet...) the word has quickly become something of an ongoing joke amongst fans, and sadly, not a very funny one.

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