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5 worst factions in WWE history

Even with all the successful groups in WWE, there have been some awful factions.

Top 5 / Top 10 14 Oct 2016, 16:01 IST
Some factions just don’t work in professional wrestling

Not every faction or stable has worked in professional wrestling. While The Four Horsemen are considered the greatest of all time, it did have its bumps along the way. The party of four had to deal with missteps of inclusion which meant Sting, Paul Roma and Psycho Syd were pretty bad decisions.

Let’s not forget the New World Order was supposed to be a quaint group of hellions who ruled WCW and it metastasised into a huge mess of factions, that broke off into their own little world. The fiasco was more damning than anything else. And WCW’s version of “Dudes with Attitudes” ranks right up there as a lost opportunity .

Today, WWE is still dealing with its own bad planning, with groups like the Social Outcasts and MB# that went nowhere fast. Some factions were simply dull, some were bad and some were downright awful. Here’s a look at the five worst factions in WWE history.

#5 The Corre

The Corre was solid in theory but poorly developed

Take a really great concept like The Nexus, break it up into two factions and you have The Corre.

This was WWE’s way of jumping the shark and watching it fail miserably. The stable was formed after Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater left The Nexus and allied with Ezekiel Jackson.

This turn of events, also allowed CM Punk to once again have a major angle as he took over as the ring leader of the remaining members of The Nexus. While under Punk, Gabriel and Slater refused to perform their initiation to stay in the group and left Nexus, eventually reforming a bond with Barrett.

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