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5 Worst female debuts in WWE history

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Lacey Evans' debut needs another gear
Lacey Evans' debut needs another gear

Lacey Evans continues to parade over RAW and SmackDown with no obvious angle accompanying her debut. While such a character is not always doomed for failure - as it is very similar to how Elias made his 'drifter' debut - there has to be a payoff on the story fast.

Lacey had a strong showing at the Royal Rumble, but WWE seems to be going in another direction with her character. She has interrupted multiple superstars on the main roster, including Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Elias, without settling into a program with any of them.

While Lacey is not close to being a bust, this list takes a look at five times a female wrestler debuted in the WWE in an underwhelming manner. The list deals with the first appearance of a wrestler as a proper character, so the debuts of Alexa Bliss, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks as part of Triple H's WrestleMania entourage or Becky Lynch as part of Adam Rose's Exotic Express are not considered.

#5 Naomi

Naomi started as a Funkadactyl
Naomi started as a Funkadactyl

It is really surprising that Naomi has been with the WWE from as far back as 2012. While she is respected for being a deserving multiple time Women's Champion with a good move-set, fans who remember her original WWE debut might wonder how she got to this point.

Naomi initially made her appearance on the main roster as one of Brodus Clay's dancer-valets alongside Cameron. For a long time, all they did on TV was dancing to Clay's music. Known as Funkadactyls, she and Cameron were by the side of Brodus and later Sweet T as part of a gimmick that wasn't going places.

Clay's release from the company as T's new job as a trainer in NXT opened the doors for Cameron and Naomi to truly showcase their skills. While the former would not last long in the company, Naomi would stand out for her athleticism and after a number of gimmick changes, has admirably settled down into her 'glow' gimmick.

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