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5 Worst storylines in WCW history

Robocop, Ric Flair in a mental institution and more!

Top 5 / Top 10 22 Apr 2017, 13:43 IST
Robocop at a WCW PPV?

WCW gave us some of the best pro wrestling around in the mid-90’s. From the legendary NWO storyline to Sting becoming his ‘Crow’ version, WCW gave us some of the most memorable moments of that era. Their edgy programming forced WWE to adapt and usher in the Attitude Era, and we can all agree that the boom period of the late 90’s changed the business forever.

However, in the later years of WCW, especially after the appointment of Vince Russo, their storytelling fell off a cliff. It is also worth noting that WCW had some terrible storylines in the pre-NWO era, so we can’t just blame every terrible WCW storyline on Russo.

In this article, we take a look at some of the worst storylines to ever come out of the company that once almost put WWE out of business.

5: ‘Last Call’ Scott Hall

People often say that the best gimmicks are the ones that have a grain of truth in them but that wasn’t the case with this insanely insensitive gimmick that was given to Scott Hall in the late ‘90s. Scott Hall’s problems with alcohol addiction have been well-documented and at the time he was going through some serious alcohol dependence issues.

During ‘98 and ‘99, Hall was arrested numerous times for drunk and disorderly behaviour. Hall’s wife Dana even publically appealed to the company for help at one point.

So what did WCW decide to do with Scott’s alcohol issues? Instead of sending him to rehab, they decided to factor it into a gimmick where Scott Hall turned up to wrestle ‘drunk’. He would slip out of the ring during matches to drink a beer. Eric Bischoff even came down to the ring once to talk to him, and Hall replied by ‘vomiting’ on Eric Bischoff.

And the big payoff to this ridiculous storyline? Hall was kept off television for an entire year. There was never any explanation for his absence either. This storyline wasn’t just ridiculous but also insensitive.

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