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5 Worst Wrestling Matches Of 2000

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 20:15 IST

Halloween Havoc 2000 wasn
Halloween Havoc 2000 wasn't a good show

2000 is one of the most bipolar years in wrestling history. For WWE, it was arguably the best year in that company’s existence. They were riding high on the popularity of top stars like Kurt Angle, Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and many others. The company was raking in money hand over fist, and it looked like they could do no wrong in the eyes of fans.

As for WCW, the opposite was true. That company was so deep in the hole that nothing could save them. The show was mired in awful creative direction, apathetic wrestlers, and financial peril that made everyone desperate for any kind of attention.

That desperation caused the writers – particularly Vince Russo – to double down on the things that made WWE successful: swerves, incoherent storylines, constant heel/face turns and ‘realistic’ themes.

Unfortunately, in WWE Russo had Vince McMahon to nix any bad ideas, whereas in WCW Russo was more or less free to do as he pleased. That freedom led to some of the trashiest, dumbest and worst wrestling matches of all time, and further helped put WCW out of business.

Here are four terrible WCW matches, and one WWE match, because it would be unfair to say 2000 went without any blemishes for them whatsoever.

#5 Mike Awesome vs. Vampiro – WCW Halloween Havoc 2000

Even though the link says the stipulation, that wasn't obvious when the match first took place. The things that occurred before and during this match were all either dumb or horrifying. Vampiro and ‘That 70’s Guy’ Mike Awesome hit the ‘both-guys-hit-shoulder-tackles-on-each-other-and-neither-man-goes-down’ spot, despite Mike Awesome being ripped, taller, and heavier by almost 50 pounds.

They brawled into the crowd, yet the referee never started counting them out. Vampiro then pulled the ultimate magic trick by hitting Awesome with a microphone (yes a microphone intended for promos, complete with wire and everything), before a fan hit Awesome in the head. It became even more chaotic afterward (and not in a good way), with the entire match layout looking completely random and void of any real story.

There was never any explanation for the rules/stipulation, so people watching (including Stevie Ray who was on commentary) were confused as to what was legal and what wasn’t. It was a complete mess that should rightfully scare any fan that actually enjoys watching pro wrestling.

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Published 07 Dec 2018, 07:34 IST
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