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5 Worst Wrestling Matches Of 2009

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Many people will argue that 2009 was the worst year in wrestling for the entire 2000s. Some, in fact, argued that it was the worst year since the 21st century first started. It was that low of a period in wrestling, given what happened.

The wrestling world lost many people over the years, but two in 2009 stung especially badly. The first was Captain Lou Albano. He was an icon of the 1980s WWE, and was a central figure in the Rock’N’Wrestling Connection. His wacky antics made childhood memories for countless children around the world.

More tragically, Japanese legend Mitsuharu Misawa died in the ring. Years of dangerous neck bumps finally caught up with him, and his loss devastated the world over. Some say Japan’s passion for puroresu died with him, and argue that even with New Japan’s success today, it isn’t the same without Misawa’s presence.

Things were also terrible for WWE and TNA, albeit for different reasons. 2009 marked the creative nadir for both companies, with terrible nonsensical booking from both promotions. TNA booked awful match concepts, including one show that featured a match so horrible it has become something of a running joke online. In WWE, 2009 was the era of ‘RAW guest hosts’, with terrible, campy and cringe-inducing bad comedy skits galore.

But don’t take our word for it; just watch and read about these terrible matches for yourselves to see what kind of nonsense was shown on a weekly basis back then…

#5 Kane vs. The Great Khali – SummerSlam

Few wrestlers suffered worse booking during the 2000s than Kane. For much of the decade, he was saddled with awful storylines and terrible in-ring opponents, yet he gritted his teeth and did what was asked of him. That loyalty is commendable, but it also meant that fans had to suffer through his bad matches against other giants.


The Great Khali was one of his worst opponents, as Khali was much bigger than Kane but could only executed 1/20th of the moves Kane could. Their match at SummerSlam epitomized this problem, as Kane of all people had to show his agility against the mammoth Khali. It was a boring match with few exciting moves from Khali.

Kane tried his best here, but Khali didn’t do anything athletic other than raising his arms at a glacial pace. Unfortunately, these two fought each other again a month later in a match that wasn’t that much better, even though it included weapons.

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Published 12 Dec 2018, 08:43 IST
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