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5 WrestleMania 34 Main Events that wouldn’t get booed 

How WWE can send their fans home happy at WrestleMania 34.

Top 5 / Top 10 15 Nov 2017, 22:13 IST

No more Roman Reigns please WWE.
No more Roman Reigns please WWE.

In recent years WWE has somewhat ruined solid WrestleMania’s by putting on poor main events that few people wanted to see. Last year at 33, Roman Reigns took on The Undertaker in the main event. While many people remember this match as simply the last match of one of the greatest WWE Superstar’s to ever grace the squared circle if you step back from the nostalgia. The match itself was average and nobody actually wanted to see Roman beat The Undertaker.

The year before at WrestleMania 32 Roman Reigns was once again involved vs Triple H. And while Triple H tried to save the match, the fans were simply not happy as they knew that Roman was winning. This caused the match and Roman to be booed by the majority of fans.

This is something WWE will not want to keep happening at the end of what is supposed to be their best PPV of the year. So, here are five WrestleMania 34 main events WWE could somewhat realistically put on which would not get booed by the fans.

#5 Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar

Joe vs Brock II would be a great WrestleMania main event.
Joe vs Brock II would be a great WrestleMania main event.

We have already seen a glimpse of what Brock and Joe can do together both in the ring and in promos and it was excellent.

Samoa Joe was the man to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at Great Balls of Fire earlier this year. During the build-up to the match, Joe was fantastic. His promos were excellent. Especially the one where he whispered to Paul Heyman that he was going to choke him out so that he could tell Brock what it felt like. Also, during the build-up to the match, WWE made Joe feel like a real monster and a legitimate contender for the title.

Joe and WWE could easily repeat that formula in a build up towards a mania match with Brock. The Brock-Joe match is still something we have not seen much and it would certainly create some buzz at WrestleMania. Also, their first match was a bit short at GBOF. But if they were to put on a 20-minute match at Mania it would no doubt be one to remember. 

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