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5 great WrestleMania matches with bizarre endings

What great matches had odd endings at WrestleMania?
What great matches had odd endings at WrestleMania?
Logan Turner
Modified 08 Apr 2021
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WrestleMania is the grandest time of the year for all fans. The WWE Universe is treated to the biggest matches the company has to offer.

But every now and then, you get matches like Elias vs. King Corbin, or King Kong Bundy vs. Hill Billy Jim in a match that features them tagging with much smaller wrestlers. These lackluster bouts detract from the glory that typically surrounds a WrestleMania clash.

This year's card seems just as exciting as any other. Fans will surely be treated to some of the best matches they'll see all year.

With all the hype and anticipation surrounding certain matches, they must go off without a hitch. We've seen flawless classics from The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and many more legends of the industry over the years.

What happens when a match is just almost perfect, though?

There have been plenty of bouts in the history of 'Mania that sit on the cusp of being all-time classics. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, something went sideways.

Here, we take a look at some of the great WrestleMania matches throughout the years that had bizarre endings.

#5 The botched ending to WrestleMania 35

Becky 2-belts closing WrestleMania 35
Becky 2-belts closing WrestleMania 35

The end of WrestleMania 35 will always be memorable. This historic night saw one of the most anticipated main events for many reasons. It also ended with Becky Lynch hoisting up her dual-titles.

This match will always be remembered for all the right reasons. It was the first-ever all-women's main event in 'Mania history. It also saw a triple threat among three of the biggest superstars the company had to offer.

What makes the ending so bizarre?

First off, there's the glaring fact that the ending was seemingly botched. It all came to a head when Lynch attempted to pin Ronda Rousey with a crucifix pin. When fans took a closer look, they noticed that Rousey didn't quite have her shoulders on the mat.

This would mean Lynch never truly won the match, and it also just didn't make sense from a storyline perspective. Given how much heat this feud had and Rousey going away after WrestleMania, The Man should've submitted Ronda clean in the middle of the ring.

The moment was great, but it could've been better with a cleaner ending.

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Published 08 Apr 2021, 05:30 IST
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