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5 wrestlers in WWE who sell moves to its absolute best

Shikhar Goyal
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It is necessary to sell a move at its best

Some wrestlers sell the moves the best. It looks like they got hurt in real and the match looks great. Without a wrestler selling a move nicely, it looks like two bulls fighting each other. It should always look like the wrestlers are fighting in real, and this skill is a proof of it.

Some performers do this pretty well. While others have made selling an own art form and whether you realize it or not, these are the guys who ultimately make the finished product so compelling. Let us talk about 5 of these wrestlers in WWE who sell the move to its best:

#5. Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins sells a move like a star

Seth Rollins is currently one of the best wrestlers on the WWE roster and the best wrestler on Raw. Seth Rollins never fails to deliver and delivers great matches every week on Raw and possibly the only reason many fans watch WWE Raw. It is because he has the skills, passion, charisma and most importantly sells the maneuvers perfectly.

Seth Rollins always sells like a star and looks good selling many moves. F5, RKO, Superkick, Zig-Zag, The Claymore, Attitude Adjustment, and suplexes are some of the wrestling moves that Seth Rollins sells at its best.

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It's true! It's damn true!!

Believe it or not, Seth Rollins always sells a move greatly and due to his skills and selling his matches are always Awesome.

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