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5 wrestlers that wrestled in WCW but did better in the WWE

Their careers were divided into two distinct parts, pre-WWE, and in the WWE. Who were these men that went on to excel in the WWE?

Top 5 / Top 10 14 May 2017, 10:06 IST
At one time, the current COO of the WWE first began competing in WCW

World Championship Wrestling was must-see programming during the Monday Night Wars, as for quite some time they would handily defeat WWE in the weekly ratings. They developed some new characters, with the primary focus of the promotion being the success of the New World Order.

However, for all the company's hits, it managed to have some incredible misses. Their misses, in fact, included some of the biggest names in wrestling history. It could be said that their misses were so big that it actually cost the company. While that is debatable, what isn't is the fact that the company produced talent that left only to reign supreme in WWE.

These men earned notoriety because of their drive, and the opportunity given to them by Vince McMahon. Their careers should be seen as divided into two distinct parts – before WWE and in WWE. Who were these men that went on to become so successful in WWE? They proved that there were greener pastures to be found.

Here are five wrestlers that wrestled in WCW, but were more successful competing in WWE. 

#5 Mick Foley

Before fans came to love Mrs Foley’s baby boy, the jeered the man from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

When he was in WCW, Mick Foley was known as Cactus Jack. In his matches, he would administer as much punishment as he would receive. He was advertised as being from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, and anyone that stepped into the ring with him would feel those consequences.

He earned popularity in WCW with his matches against WWE Hall of Famers, Sting and Vader. In fact, one of his brutal matches against Vader saw him lose part of his ear. Foley developed as a character in WCW, with poignant promos and an ability to convey a rather dangerous persona.

However, in 1995, when Foley joined WWE, few expected that he would generate the kind of reaction from fans that he did. Over time, ‘Foley is God' became the battle cry for fans. After multiple championships and a Hall of Fame induction, it's pretty clear to see that Foley's time in WWE was met with much more success than his time in WCW.

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