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5 wrestlers who are criminally underutilised in WWE

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Nakamura is very underutilised

As of right now, Jinder Mahal is the WWE Champion. A sentence you probably never thought you would read. But that is currently the case and Mahal has been the champion for some time now — much to the dismay of a large portion of the WWE fan base.

While part of the reason people dislike Jinder is that he went from a jobber to champion in the space of four televised matches, a huge part of the reason is that WWE have shown, through the Jinder experiment, they will put the title on anyone.

Yet, there are still so many top quality performers on the roster who've never received the same sort of backing as the Modern Day Maharaja even though they're superior to him in more ways than one. So, without any further ado, let's take a look at 5 performers who're criminally underutilised in WWE.

#1 Cesaro

Cesaro deserves a singles push
Cesaro deserves a singles push

Cesaro is a very sad but typical case in WWE. Despite being 72-years-old, Vince McMahon is still calling the shots. And in the history of WWE under Vince, if you speak with a foreign accent, as Cesaro does, you automatically can’t and don’t connect with the fans. McMahon even stated when he was on Stone Cold’s podcast that Cesaro "doesn’t quite have the charisma; he doesn’t have quite the verbal skills".

This is clearly why WWE are underutilising Cesaro so much. But despite what Vince thinks, Cesaro does connect with the fans and does have charisma. This was very evident when large portions of every arena were holding up ‘Cesaro section’ signs. If the fans were not behind the Swiss wrestler, why were they showing so much support for him?

Plus, in his current role as Sheamus’s tag partner, both he and Sheamus are quite funny when they are allowed to get on the mic and speak, which puts to bed the notion that he struggles on the microphone.

Finally, while being in WWE is not all about ring work, Cesaro’s in-ring ability alone surely merits him being higher on the card. If you've watched even a handful of his matches, you would've noticed how good he is.

In just the past two years, he has put on quality matches against Ambrose and Rollins, The Hardys, Sheamus in a best of seven series and The Miz.

The Swiss Cyborg is great in the ring; the fans love him and he can cut a decent promo, arguably better than current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Therefore, it is clear that Cesaro is seriously underutilised in WWE, and they should start giving him more opportunities.

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