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5 Wrestlers who are way better as heels

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It's not always about the heroes...
It's not always about the heroes...

Wrestling storylines are made up of many components to sell the plot of the story. But what makes these storylines so intriguing are the characters playing the part. These characters are known as babyfaces and heels.

Some wrestlers are way better at being the persistent, courageous babyface (good guy), while some wrestlers are a natural at being the self-centered jerk (bad guy). Here are 5 wrestlers who are way better at being heels.

#5 Mark Henry

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Mark Henry

Though most people credit this to his "Hall of Pain" gimmick in 2011, Mark Henry will forever be known as one of the most destructive forces of WWE over the past 20 years. Every time his music hit, you knew somebody was going to get it!

Henry makes this list simply because of his ability to talk the talk, and actually back it up. On the September 16th, 2011 edition of "The Cutting Edge" He told everyone that come Sunday, he would be World Heavyweight Champion. He did exactly that in a tremendous fashion against Randy Orton at Night of Champions 2011.

Mark Henry is also known for being a part of the most famous version of The Nation of Domination along with The Rock, Farooq, and others. Since then, Mark Henry has always taken to being a heel so naturally. He could look at someone with that angry scowl and I would think "Oh I wouldn't want to mess with him!"

He was a big part of the Attitude, Ruthless Aggression, and PG eras and we have to credit that to his amazing heel work.

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