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5 Wrestlers Who Did Not Deserve to Win a World Championship

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WWE Smackdown - Sydney
WWE Smackdown - Sydney

We’ve often heard about Superstars sacrificing everything for decades, to get a chance to win the world championship in a major promotion. It is often said that you need to pay your dues, and shed your blood, sweat and tears to truly deserve a run as the world champion.

Over the past couple of decades, there have been multiple performers who, in spite of not setting the stage on fire with their performances, had the opportunity to win a world title in a major wrestling promotion.

You have to find yourself at the right place, and at the right time to get such an opportunity, and while it is truly an honor and a privilege to join the list of legends who became world champions, not all of them deserved the honor.

#5 The Great Khali

WWE Smackdown - Sydney
WWE Smackdown - Sydney

Someone from the creative team - or Vince McMahon himself - looked at the wealth of talent in the locker room, pointed at the tall, tree - trunk of a man standing awkwardly, and decided that he would be the next World Heavyweight Champion!

The Great Khali’s debut was unlike anything the fans had ever seen before. On his first night on SmackDown, Khali decimated the legendary Undertaker, before winning his first PPV match against the Deadman.

Khali’s first few months on the main roster saw him beating his opponents with ease, and in 2007, the mastodon won the World Heavyweight title, kick-starting what has since been claimed to be one of the most boring, and objectively bad title reigns in recent memory.

Khali dropped the title to Batista after holding the championship for two months. Within that period, the WWE fans were treated to horribly bad matches, unintelligible promos and watching Khali troddle around with no real conviction.

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