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5 wrestlers who should become managers

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Enzo Amore
Enzo Amore's talents would be better served in a managerial role

WWE superstars all have different strengths and weaknesses. Some are studs in the ring, some are wizards on the mic, many have some combination of both. It's typically the ones who can't wrestle but can cut devastating promos who end up being managers. But sometimes, managers arise from different circumstances.

Sometimes superstars are just stale in the ring or provide more value to the company by assisting other talent. Look at Titus O'Neil. He can still wrestle, but being the mastermind behind Titus Worldwide is a better spot for him right now.

So which other superstars should trade in their boots for microphones? We've got a few ideas.

#5 Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore could be a useful manager
Enzo Amore could be a useful manager

Enzo Amore is the poster child for wrestlers that should be managers. He was the voice behind the Enzo and Cass tag team, and most people figured once Cass got his inevitable singles push, Enzo would at least stick by him as a manager. But that isn't how things panned out, and now Enzo finds himself struggling to stay afloat as a singles competitor.

Credit to him, he's bringing attention to 205 Live. There's finally another name-brand superstar competing on Tuesday nights other than Neville. But when Neville presumably puts this nonsense in the near future, Enzo will be directionless yet again with only his mic skills to lean on. He just can't really wrestle, so he would be much better served as a manager.

As far as who he would manage, well, there's not really a clear answer to that with Cass on the shelf and their relationship destroyed. But WWE should be able to pair him off with some tag team or NXT talent eventually. He's got the ability to put anyone over on the mic and could be one of the best ever managers if given the opportunity.

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