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5 wrestlers who should leave WWE in 2018

Sagnik Monga
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WWE might not be the ideal place for these wrestlers anymore

WWE is a big platform for all aspiring wrestlers. People get to live their childhood dreams when they step into a WWE ring. However, with hundreds of big names under one roof, some unfortunate ones get lost in the crowd. Some are struggling to get any television time at all and there are loads of wrestlers who could be about to ship out.

The list of people leaving would be long, with a mix of mid-carders, women and tag teams. 2018 can be a game changer if some of these wrestlers decide to leave WWE for an independent run and continue their careers elsewhere. Here are five such wrestlers who could benefit by leaving WWE this year.

#5 TJP

The first Cruiserweight Champion.
The first Cruiserweight Champion

TJP rose to prominence in WWE when he won the Cruiserweight Classic to become the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion when it was reintroduced. Not only is he one of the most talented performers in the renowned Cruiserweight division, but is also one of the best agile wrestlers in the current WWE roster.

Imagine such a wrestler not having any storyline after losing the title to Rich Swann. A talent like him being wasted in WWE is hard to see. The 33-year old should definitely take the big step of leaving WWE and going to the Indie scene where his clinical performance will be much appreciated.

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