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5 Wrestlers who should remain retired from the ring

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Bill Goldberg’s return has sparked interest as to who might come back as well

The recent news of Goldberg’s potential return to WWE and a match with Brock Lesnar has turned the wrestling world on its ear. After a 12 year hiatus from the ring, the 49-year-old former world champion has everyone talking about a match that in some eyes should not happen.

I for one am in that camp. It’s a confrontation that is going to happen, but should it happen? No because of what it really means to WWE and the message the McMahons are sending to the current roster of both Raw and SmackDown Live.

This is what happens when there are missteps in booking and ratings take a tumble for whatever reason. The company that claims to be innovative attempts to re-invent the wheel on a consistent basis. Most times, that wheel gets stuck in the mud.

Will the news of Goldberg’s return spark interest from other retired superstars who might have an itch they need scratched? It’s possible. There have been rumours for years of other former WWE superstars looking for a chance to relive their youth and prove they still have it – when in fact they lost it many moons ago.

Here are five former wrestling superstars who need to forget the pipe dream and concentrate on retirement.

#1 Ric Flair

The last thing wrestling fans need to see is Ric flair in action again

The fact Flair said he thought he could wrestle John Cena if he had a month to prepare for a match with the 15-time world champion tells me two things: Flair hasn’t gotten the wrestling bug out of his system and the Nature Boy has a few screws loose.

Flair is well past his prime, stumbles over words and looks like he is in a zone all to his own when he is on camera. I love the Flair character, but age has taken over and the man who was “the man” is no longer “the man”. Flair isn’t involved in WWE at the moment and should seriously consider giving up the ghost permanently.

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