5 WWE Superstars whose salaries will shock you

It's all about the money.
It's all about the money.
Sourav Mahanty

It is no secret that the WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and it has been for decades now. WWE net worth is in the billions but that doesn't mean that all of its wrestlers are rolling around in cash.

While some do make a lot of money because of their drawing power and longevity, there are a lot of wrestlers who do not make a lot more than an average pediatrician.

The general perception is that all WWE wrestlers are getting paid in the millions to be on television every week. But that is not true in all cases.

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Here are 5 wrestlers whose wwe salaries will shock you. All the figures have been taken from reports that were released earlier this year.

#5. Braun Strowman - $300,000

Braun Strowman is the current Mr. Money in the Bank
Braun Strowman is the current Mr. Money in the Bank

Braun Strowman might be one of the most prominent wrestlers on WWE programming these days but his salary does not certainly reflect his importance to the company. Strowman is actually one of the lowest paid wrestlers on the roster, earning less than lower card stars like Fandango, Heath Slater, Sin Cara, among many others.

But with his current run in the main event scene, it should not be too long before the WWE offers the 'Monster Among Men' a monster contract.

#4. Jinder Mahal - $900,000

Enter cap
'The Maharaja' gets paid worthy of his name.

Yes, you read that right. Jinder Mahal is paid three times more than Brawn Strowman. No wonder the company put the championship on him and tried some of that money back by exploiting the Indian market.

After spending most of his first run in the WWE in a comedic role as part of 3MB, his return to the company must have made a few fans scratch their heads. What is even more baffling is the fact that they paid a lower card guy to return for almost a million dollars.

The WWE must have felt that they could use Jinder to unlock the huge market potential for WWE that is present in India. But it is safe to say that the experiment didn't work out as well as they had expected.

#3. Nia Jax - $100,000

Nia Jax is a former Women's Champion

The WWE might be in the midst of a women's revolution yet it is sad to see how little some of its female talent is paid. Nia Jax is one of the prominent parts of the women's roster and was even involved in a high profile match at Wrestlemania this year against Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's Championship.

Despite being on the main roster for over a year now, she is still earning the same salary that she was getting in NXT. With independent wrestling on the rise, WWE should start paying it's women what they deserve if they want to keep hold of them in the long run.

#2. R-Truth - $550,000

What's Up?

The fact that R-Truth is still employed with the WWE will come as a surprise to most of you. After all, he has been seen as much as his invisible friend, Little Jimmy, in the past few years.

It is hard to remember the last time R-Truth was seen as a top performer in the WWE. The highlight of his WWE career was surely facing John Cena for the WWE Championship at the Capitol Punishment back in 2011. And yet 7 years later, he still finds himself pocketing a hefty paycheck from the company.

Over the years, his role has diminished to the point where he rarely appears on television anymore. But that has not stopped him from earning more than major stars like Alexa Bliss, Sami Zayn, Braun Strowman, The Usos, New Day and many others.

#1. Brock Lesnar - $12 million

The Beast is WWE's highest paid star
The Beast is WWE's highest paid star

Some of you might be shocked to see the difference in salary between Brock Lesnar and all of the names mentioned earlier. But the equation in wrestling is simple, you get paid what you earn the company. And the WWE earns the company a lot of money.

Just his mere presence can elevate an event. As a result, despite appearing on WWE television sporadically, Brock Lesnar gets paid multiple times more than most of the roster.

Although the hardcore fans might not like his part-time run, it is undeniable that he garners a lot of mainstream attention towards the WWE. Vince McMahon is a highly successful businessman and he would not pay somebody millions of dollars if he was not making the money back multiple times over.

While it may seem unfair to see the wage gap between Brock and the rest of the talent, at the end of the day the WWE is just doing what's best for business!

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