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Top 5 wrestling entrances of WWE Main Roster 2017

Arindam Roy
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AJ Styles
Styles wins over his fans owing to his entrance

We all love a great entrance, don't we?

A great captivating entrance goes a long way in boosting a wrestler's character and persona. It often becomes the driving force in getting a wrestler over with the fans. A good entrance is a mix of great entrance music, entry ramp choreography, and fan participation.

These are my five picks for the top five WWE main roster entrances for 2017.

#5 Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt on Smackdown Live

Bray Wyatt has one of the most captivating personalities on the main roster currently. His character has been somewhat built down due to bad decisions lately, but his entrance is quite unique and still very over.

With the instantly recognizable slow hypnotizing track ("Live in Fear") starting, Bray appears with a single lantern, with all lights in the arena dimmed out. This lets the fans turn on their phone flashes, which Bray calls his "Fireflies". The overall vibe is very cult-like, and his slow walk to the ring matches his personality. The lights come on as soon as he blows out the lantern, a tribute to Taker's famous entrance where the lights came on as soon as he took his hat off.

The occasional entrance with him cutting a promo and the lights going off as soon as he says, "RUN", is quite captivating too.

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